You’ve created a successful video platform?  User base growing? Great!

More users also means more costs from your CDN to deliver your content, and it becomes harder to maintain high video quality for all those users.  Users experiencing long load times or regular buffering are more likely to turn to another platform so this is an issue every successful OTT platform needs to address.

Traditionally, the cost of video delivery is proportional to number of users.  The more users you have, the higher the CDN cost.  Most of that CDN cost is the bandwidth to serve the “last mile” – to deliver content from their edge servers to the end-user’s device.

For users to have a good viewing experience, the edge servers need to be close enough to them so that the network route is short, and those servers can’t be overloaded with too many other users streaming content.  If there is a spike in viewership, this can be a real challenge for a CDN to handle.

Onwards Multiplier solves both these problems, keeping costs down and gracefully dealing with spikes in viewership to ensure your users get the highest quality experience possible.

Onwards Multiplier works by harnessing the power of a connected audience.  Any users viewing content on your platform become their own micro edge server, with the ability to share encrypted data with other users.  This greatly reduces the load on your CDN, as a result saving you money.  This also gives your users more sources for their requested content that are close by, improving their viewing experience.