Who are we?

Onwards Media Group is a technology company specializing in video processing and real-time communications. Our products are used in OTT video platforms with millions of active viewers and live broadcasters. Our team has worked with all kinds of clients, including new players to the market who want to build their own tailored OTT solution, all the way to established industry players that just need to tweak their existing setup.

Our Value Proposition


OMG can cover everything from video content processing, content delivery, all the way to app development. Create your own OTT solution from scratch or add our enhanced technology to your current infrastructure.

Low Cost

Patented technology saves you up to 50% of your bandwidth costs, utlizing a highly scalable architecture.

Expert Advice

OMG employs a team approach that utilizes subject matter experts to develop technically compelling OTT solutions that will save your organization time and money, while providing compelling services for your users.

Products and Client Success Stories.

Onwards Pro

Build your own OTT video solution!  Everything from content capturing, video processing, management, all the way to distribution and client app integration.

Onwards Multiplier

All your video content delivered at a fraction of your current CDN cost.

Onwards Bridge

Shake up the way your audience connects and improve conversion rates!

Onwards Reach

Create a tailored CDN to meet your needs, giving you all the features you need and none of the overhead from a bloated third-party solution.