Customer Background

Nutizen is an Indonesia-based company, providing Islam religious digital content via mobile app to Indonesia citizens across the region, including live TV channels, on-demand videos, radio and news.


  • Client was looking for a OTT solution that can combine live broadcast, on-demand video, radio and news, together with mobile app, to provide as one product to broadcast digital content to 224 millions Muslims.
  • They could not find any vendor that can provide the total solution
  • They need a partner that can provide customised solution as they grow

What we did for them

Video On-Demand

Contributor to upload pre-recorded videos and categorize them

Live Channel

Linking to licensed TV channels and broadcast over the app

Mobile Live Broadcast

Contributor can broadcast live on their mobile phones, allowing followers to watch remotely, and archive to watch again

Radio and Podcast

Not only video contents, but also voice-only pre-recorded clips and live radio broadcast through app


Scalable content distribution platform to support local and overseas users

Mobile APP

Designed and developed customised mobile app for contributors and end users


Modern multimedia platform for religious leaders to engage the public
 A highly robust and scalable solution to start small and grow according to their user base
 Trusted partner and one-stop-shop of end to end solution, including subsequent enhancements