Customer Background

CSMUSE is a Taiwan-based company, providing OTT TV service via Set-Top-Boxes to their customers, including live TV channels and interactive services.


  • Client was looking for a STB solution that can combine DVB-T and OTT TV Channels, together with interactive services, to provide as one product to users
  • They could not find any vendor that can provide the total solution
  • They need a partner that can provide customised solution as they grow

What we did for them

Set Top Box

OMG partnered with an Android STB manufacturer to create a STB model according to their requirements

Set Top Box App

Developed an all-in one STB APP, browsing and watch all available TV channels, also integrated with local app store

Channel Aggregation

OMG provided 3 main solutions to connect to TV stations with different infrastructure and connection options

Large Scale Content Delivery

OMG Content Distribution Platform is used to efficiently deliver contents to all users with load balancing


A highly robust and scalable platform to start small and grow according to their business needs Trusted partner and one-stop-shop of end to end solution, including subsequent enhancements Value added services to distinguish their platform from others

120+ Live channels, hundreds of thousands of registered users, live since 2014