Looking to supercharge your next marketing campaign? Want to make your TV show or video content more interactive? Looking to turn your advertisements into targeted call to actions?

Today, television advertising is subtly shifting into sponsored content and product placement, with brands, fashion, and other items woven into a show’s plot. These advertising opportunities are a great way to build brand awareness, but viewer interest in a product fades very quickly after only a few seconds off screen.

Onwards Bridge gives your audience the ability to sync their phone with your content through a gesture or a touch of a button on their phone. Tailored content is then delivered to your viewers specific to what’s happening on the screen precisely at that time. Onwards Bridge works by using audio fingerprinting technology, subtly embedded into the video being watched, detected by the microphone on viewer’s phone which can then show the content you want to deliver to your viewer on their second screen app. It can be more detailed info of a brand or product, or e-commerce portal where they can directly place orders.

Onwards Bridge takes advantage of a viewer’s momentary interest by giving them a way to follow-up instantly. Make it easy for your viewers to take the next step and they will!